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How do I choose the best leader for the next generation?
How do I pass assets to the next generation in a fair manner?
How do I protect the business from inappropriate family intervention and still sustain harmony in the family for the next generation?

The greatest assets in a successful family business – the loyalty, skills and dedication of family owners and managers – are often the most difficult to manage. Tensions between siblings and generations related to compensation, fairness, governance, succession, achievement and relative dedication can overflow into business operations and decrease productivity. Left un-managed, these potential disruptions can also plant a deep wedge between formerly close knit and complementary family members.

Dana Telford has provided advice and consultation to over 80 families with similar challenges. His experience gained working in over 14 countries on 5 continents provides a foundation for him to teach practical solutions to clients who are struggling to pull family business success out of relateive difficulty. From personal interviews and family-specific counseling, books and articles and workshops and keynote speeches, thousands of family business owners have benefited from his fair and thoughtful approach to unlocking the potential in their business family.

  • Succession Planning
  • Governance & Decision-Making
  • Leadership & Strategy
  • Conflict Management
  • Family Charters and Constitutions
  • Wealth Distribution
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